Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hazel Park Arts Council Fundraising Event

I've spent the last two nights hanging out at Phoenix Cafe in Hazel Park where they're hosting a music and art event to raise funds to continue to promote art in the city. It's located on John R *just* south of 10 Mile Road on the East side. There's lots of parking in the back, too. What an incredibly fun time I had! WOW, I was pleasantly surprised at just how cool a spot the Phoenix Cafe is and how hard a great bunch of people are working to make something wonderful happen right here in my own backyard! Hazel Park hasn't always had the best reputation, but with the economic downturn, it's left a lot of property vacant that now can be got for a song and they're working towards turning much of it into artist's studios! YAY! Everyone knows that getting artists into an area improves it and makes it a viable cool place to live and hang out! The turnout last night was amazing, live bands kept us entertained all night long, and I am thrilled to have several of my oil paintings hanging on the walls with a number of other very talented local artists. I'm joining the Hazel Park Arts Council so I can be a part of this amazing movement and help out as much as possible! Everyone here is working together towards a common goal that benefits everyone - and anyone who knows me knows I've been trying to get something like this going for years now; I am SO excited! I have to say THANK YOU to Steven Gamburd for inviting me to be a part of this, he's worked hard to make it happen, and all I can say is I am VERY impressed! With the amount of talent in this region, the accessible real estate here, and the will to make it happen, all I can say is sometimes dreams do come true!
Come on out and check it out: the Phoenix Cafe is open from 6 - ? hosting this incredible show tonight and tomorrow, May 29 & 30, 2011. They also have regular hours, too. I'm going back, oh, yes!